About​ Carol

Carol Kedziora

BS., Healthcare Management

In 1992 I had a civilian contract with the Naval Medical Center in San Diego where I worked in the MRI Department as a consultant. In that role, I was required to accrue continuing education units. At that time, Camp Pendleton Marine Base offered a class in “Healing Touch” taught by Commander Steve Anderson. Curious, I decided to take the course to fulfill my units, and that is when my career in healing began. I was immediately drawn to the practice and the results I experienced.

I continued taking courses and became a Healing Touch practitioner. After that, I completed seven levels of training to become an Energy Medicine Specialist. Becoming a Reiki master was not far behind. Over the years, my passion for energy work and healing has led me to study many healing practices including:

  • Pranic Healing
  • Quantum Touch
  • Hands of Light with Barbara Brennan
  • Hank Wesselman (a leader of the Hunat Hawaiian shamanic practice)
  • Healing Light School with Roselyn Bruyere
  • Scientific Sound Healing (with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson)

My in-depth study of Shamanism and indigenous healing has impacted my practice tremendously. I have worked extensively with the following shamans/healers.

  • Maria Lucia, a healer from Brazil
  • Alberto Villoldo (Peruvian/Incan shamanism)
  • Brant Secunda (Huichol shamanism)
  • Hank Wesselman (a leader of the Hunat Hawaiian shamanic practice)
  • Robert Moss (advanced lightning dreamwork)
  • Stan Grof (Holotropic Breathwork)

In addition, I have been given the munakai rites by the Inqueros (an indigenous group from Peru) including the ability to pass these rites on to others. In 2009, I had the privilege to work with several women shamans in Chile. I learned ceremonies to release old attachments as well as sacred healing methods. Finally, I worked with the Carlos Casteñeda foundation and learned the “magical passes “ taught to him by his shaman Don José.

I bring all of these experiences and studies into my healing work. Through them, I have developed a blend of traditions and ways of healing, a “healing weave” that is my own I began my private healing practice in 2001.

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