Here’s what clients have said about Carol’s healing work and its effect on their lives:

“I started seeing Carol in 2008 and knowing her has truly changed my life. Carol introduced me to the world of shamanism and discovery of the universal truth that we are all connected in energy. At various times in my hectic and stressed out state of affairs I found myself slipping into emotional darkness and despair. Carol helped bring light into my life. She helped reconnect my body with my soul. She helped me know that things would be alright.

It takes a great deal of discipline to do the work Carol does day in and day out. I admire her for that discipline and what seems to be a never ending thirst for more experiences to strengthen her practice and more ways to become a better healer and human being. Whether in-person or via remote healing, Carol helps me feel stronger, more optimistic, and more compassionate every time I see her.”

Healing Weave is a restorative experience like none other. Carol’s intuitive and calming presence will set you at ease immediately.  Your gentle and guided healing is both mystical and grounding. Carol’s extensive training, and multi-faceted approach digs deep to release the unwanted and restore soulful harmony. After each session I have been inspired to translate the messages received into form by collaging. Creating each collage has aided the learning and understanding from each healing. Make the time for a Healing Weave session, you are worth it ~ and you will be changed for the better!

“I had a friend who knew I was in a dark place and that I had been there for years. She also knew I needed a spiritual hand to lead me out of the darkness and suggested I meet Carol. In my life, I have seen so much tragedy and had so many disappointments and negative people in my life that I had stopped trusting. Therefore, it was with much trepidation and angst that I moved forward with meeting Carol. What I expected was a tarot card reader dressed up as a shaman, with a magical staff, Persian rugs draped on the wall and a thousand fake crystal balls lying around the room. Instead, what I got was the real deal!

From the first time we made eye contact, any personal walls or masks I had worn were gone. Carol has a way of seeing you for the real you. Carol simply embraces you with a warmth, love, and kindness that reaches your inner core, with no preconceived notions.

After speaking with her at length about my son’s illness and its effect on me mentally and physically, she offered to assist in his treatment. The medical condition my son Emilio has is called Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). The relationship Carol and Emilio have developed is amazing, and it makes my heart cry with joy. She personally made it her mission to assist Emilio’s medical treatment with an alternative treatment, and she has been the huge difference we were looking for. Before Carol and Emilio started their sessions we had to go in for blood tests on a bi-weekly basis and have hemoglobin treatments administered once a month; now, we have a blood test once every three months, and he hasn’t had a hemoglobin treatment since 2012.

As far as myself, she has showed me how to be comfortable in my own skin and helped me to find my inner core and the strength that comes with that discovery.”

“Being a full-time massage therapist and healer myself full time for the past 11 years, I have seen A LOT of different healers in my day, and I am extremely picky with whom I see for myself. Carol is AMAZING! She has so many tools in her pocket, she provides a very safe healing space, and her treatments are very effective! Every person I’ve sent to her has thanked me and raved about her. See Carol, she can, will, and wants to help you!!!”

“Words cannot describe Carol’s work. I saw her through my pregnancy to help with all my fears and worries. I left there feeling free, the first time in 35 years. I continue to see her, and every time I go, I feel better and better. I recommend her to everyone who wants to clear their thoughts and start healing. Plus, my baby is the happiest baby ever; I truly believe it is because of her healing work.”

“Carol helped me immensely when I was battling an infected cyst that had turned into an abcess. Prior to seeing Carol, I had to have the wound packed with gauze every other day for two months because it wasn’t healing. The day after my session with Carol the doctor couldn’t believe the dramatic turnaround. The abscess had shrunk, and I no longer had to have the packings done. I’m so grateful for Carol and her amazing healing abilities.”

“Carol is one of the most gifted healers I have come across in my life. She is a true Shaman and amazing energy worker. I have been seeing Carol for energy work sessions for close to nine years now, and she has been instrumental to my own personal growth, inner peace, and mind-body-soul wellness. I have referred several of my closest friends as well as my patients to Carol, and every one of them has given me rave revues in their feedback.”

“Carol has been a God-send in my life! I originally started seeing her when I became so energetically sensitive I could barely function. She really helped me through this and strengthened me. The last treatment will stay with me forever. I could not get over a lost love. I felt that my thoughts were not my own, and I had lost control of my own mind. After this session, I had a series of dreams and circumstances that seemed to be the energy of this purging, which is the only way to describe this. I felt free and myself again. Soon after, I met a man who I am in love with, and the relationship is still blossoming into something I have never known. I have a partner now who treats me with so much love. I feel truly blessed and really full of graditude for the shift that Carol initiated that allowed me to let new love into my life.”

“I have been seeing Carol on a regular basis for several years now and the experience has been life-changing. Not only does she help me deal with specific health or emotional issues as they arise, she also helps me grow and transform on a higher, more spiritual level. Carol is compassionate and her healing methods are insightful and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.”

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